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lose Wiktionary.
lose no time. lose one's' cool. lose one's' head. lose one's' life. lose one's' lunch. lose one's' marbles. lose one's' mind. lose one's' patience. lose one's' rag. lose one's' temper. lose one's' way. lose the dressing room. lose the plot.
lose meaning of lose in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
b if a watch, clock etc loses time, it runs too slowly and shows an earlier time than it should OPP gain 9 lose your way/bearings 10 lose touch with somebody/something 11 lose your temper/cool/rag 12 lose your head 13 lose your mind 14 lose it 15 lose yourself in something 16 escape transitive if you lose someone who is chasing you, you manage to escape from them Theres a better chance of losing him if we take the back route.
Eminem Lose Yourself HD YouTube.
lose and loose How to Spell.
They're' so close in pronunciation lots of people get them wrong. Many people use the word loose when they mean lose, and vice versa, potentially creating confusion for the reader. to lose looze" a soft huh" sound is a verb. To lose something, to lose keys.,
Noom Review: This App Will Help You Lose Weight. Greatist.
Noom is a 4-month weight loss program and app designed for people whove tried everything in the book and want something that actually works so basically anyone whos ever tried to lose weight. The commitment required is pretty big, but so is your goal to lose weight, right?
lose vs. loose: Choose Your Words:
Now you can lose a game, lose your mind, lose control, lose your temper, lose your train of thought, but you can also lose your car keys or ten pounds. Here are some current examples because Old English would be confusing.:
AP Investigation: Deported parents may lose kids to adoption.
LOSE Synonyms: 120 Synonyms Antonyms for LOSE
FOUR OPTIONS FOR AN NBA ALL-STAR GAME THAT THE STAR PLAYERS DONT SEEM TO WANT BEN GOLLIVER FEBRUARY 8, 2021 WASHINGTON POST. So there you lose the benefit of the mask almost completely, especially for your own protection, because youre probably breathing through your nose and theres nothing covering your nose.
Loose or Lose?
More about Loose" and Lose." The confusion over loose" and lose" is due to the lack of consistency in pronouncing words that end oose" and ose." For example, loose LOOSS rhymes with noose NOOSS but not choose CHOOZ. More about Lose" and More Examples.
Can Lifting Weights Help You Lose Fat? Fitness MyFitnessPal.
LEAN MUSCLE MASS. Strength training can also help prevent the loss of muscle that often happens when people cut calories for weight loss. Most of us lose some muscle mass as we lose fat mass its simply a scientific fact, Olson says.
Lose It! Weight Loss That Fits.
Weight Loss Plan. Track the foods you love and lose weight. Sign Up for Free. Weight Loss Made Easy. Set Your Goals. Tell us what you want to acheive and receive personalized goals. Track Your Food. Learn about the foods youre eating and keep your calories within your daily budget.
How much weight do you need to lose? NHS.
The NHS weight loss plan is designed to help you lose weight at a safe rate of 0.5kg to 1kg 1lb to 2lb per week by sticking to a daily calorie allowance of 1900kcal, for men and 1400kcal, for women.

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